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Best Dogs EVER

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puppiesTwo puppies, adopted from GBHS eight months apart, became best friends, lovable family members and THE best dogs ever.

In July 2011 my family adopted “Tiny” from the shelter, joining our 10-year-old lab-mix at home. “Tiny”, a little black and tan mix, became Sierra, and she grew to become a little bigger than tiny and just a wonderful, sweet girl. She also had a lot more energy than our older dog wanted to deal with. During Spring Break 2012, after our beach trip was canceled two sons and I headed to the GBHS to look at possible companions for Sierra. We didn’t intend to fall in love but when they brought “Charlie Brown” in for us to see we knew he was the one. At just 8-pounds we didn’t believe that Sawyer, who he became, was actually part Great Pyrenes. Now, at over 100 pounds we believe. Sawyer and Sierra are best friends and, even though Sawyer has 60+ pounds on her and is twice as tall, Sierra is definately in charge. They are wonderful, sweet, lovable, and an amazing part of our home – companions for each other and for each member of our family (including our two cats). They really are THE best dogs ever!

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