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From stray pup…to show jumping mutt!

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Psi was doubted by everyone…until he jumped…2feet..3feet…4feet…4 and a half feet!

I went to GBHS looking for a dog. I found a beautiful dog named Psi..he is a Chow Chow lab mix (His name is now ‘Teddy Bear’) I took him home….
Teddy was out in the yard one day, when I saw him jump over a ditch. Amazed, I set out a homemade hurdle. He leapt over it. We have now trained for a year and I can’t help but laugh when I see him jump 4 1/2 feet, because his old owners have no idea what they lost when they left him at the shelter. I cannot be more pleased with not only the care of the dog, but also everyone at GBHS is kind hearted. I recommend this rescue to anyone and everyone wanting to adopt a new friend.

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