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2016 GBHS Give Hope

It’s time to get back to the true meaning of the holidays.

People are tired of things. They want purpose.

They are hungry for change.

The items in this gift catalog represent what the holiday season is all about – hope, love, and faith. Join us in giving life.

Here’s how it works:

• You donate the rescue of a puppy in honor of your child’s teacher, Ms. Mary, who loves animals.

• Ms. Mary receives a beautiful photograph and holiday card from you describing her gift and the generous contribution you made in her honor.

• Because of your gift a dog or cat is adopted, a vet student trained, or a dog saved through a life-saving surgery after being hit by a car.

• Depending on the sponsorship selected, Ms. Mary’s name is posted in the shelter for guests, adopters, and school children to see. This passes the spirit of giving on to others. You can even bring your children in to see their sponsored animal!

• More than anything else, your gift represents a family that is completed when they find their forever companion.
A companion that will see them through hard times, lonely times, and laughter. A companion that will create lifelong memories.


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