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Puppy Sponsorship Levels

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Do you have friends or children that are constantly watching puppy videos online or who speak in baby-talk anytime they see a small, furry puppy? Thank your child’s teacher for helping your own little one with her daily lessons.

Then share your caring heart with the baby animal lovers in your life. The gift of rescuing a homeless, abused, or neglected puppy is a meaningful way for you to give a little boy or girl, or even an adult, a message of hope and compassion.

It is the little animals you save at GBHS that cost the most. That’s because they require special vaccinations given more often to protect them from Parvo and other diseases that their small bodies have not developed antibodies to fight off. We also use fresh gowns and gloves any time we touch a puppy for the same reason.

Our caring puppy staff spends hours cleaning the puppy room every day to keep it sanitized. And, puppies taken into adoption rooms require a freshly laundered pillowcase every time they are viewed. Our staff has to steam clean every room between viewings to also stop Parvo from spreading and killing our babies.


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Puppy Sponsorship Levels

Gift of sponsorship of an average litter of puppies, Gift of sponsorship of one shelter puppy, Share of a puppy’s care

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