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It’s Ella!

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ellaHow an awful Monday became and awesome Monday thanks to a bundle of puppy love.

I had just euthanized my beloved 6 1/2 year old black Pomeranian that day who had been diagnosed with lymphoma only a month before, and I was devastated. My friend who was with me for moral support took me straight to GBHS to get another dog immediately not as a replacement of course, but as a new dog to love. I remember seeing a picture on the GBHS website of “Desaree,” a Pointer mix (mixed with some terrier and a dash of sight hound). For some reason she didn’t catch my eye. But when I saw her at the shelter, my friend persuaded me to meet her. From the moment Desaree entered the adoption room she was a bundle of kisses and tail wags and puppy energy. I knew she was the one, although it was interesting that if my friend hadn’t been with me, I might have overlooked her. A name change was in order and “Ella” fit her perfectly. She was 4 1/2 months old and had been at the shelter for almost 2 months. She settled into her new home without a hitch, and even was respectful to the two cats I already had. And smart! She got the hang of potty training within a couple of days. She loves to play, get belly rubs and be a cuddle bug. And she loves to race around the house and backyard as if she’s competing in a track and field event. I know I have made the observation many times that I can’t believe no one wanted this wonderful girl and she had been at the shelter so long. But, I guess Ella was waiting for me to need a puppy to love, and I was waiting to need a dog who needed a forever home. Thank you GBHS for taking care of my Ella until she found her new home!

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