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Lady Bug is Queen of the Loft

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lady_bugI adopted an ADORABLE American Pit Bull Mix (later discovered mixed with Dutch Shepherd) in late December 2013. She was 5 months old, and due to malnutrition wasn’t growing properly. Today, she lives with me in Louisiana. And pretty much owns me, haha. She is now 45 pounds (still growing) and is one of the sweetest, most loving, most HYPER dogs I know. Hyper because she spends about 20 minutes a day running from end to end of my loft hopping across all the furniture. I have never adopted before, so it was amazing to watch a puppy grow up, and honestly learn about them. I know her favorite place to hide is under my bed, well really any bed, she is terrified of baths (someone should take a video of this.. seriously) and loves to hop on my bed and roll over because she knows I can’t turn down a belly rub. I got her because living alone was lonely.. now she’s my guard dog. I couldn’t have adopted a better puppy!

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