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In 1991, I began my third age or adult period of dog ownership.  Since that time I have adopted or rescued 8 dogs.  At the beginning of this year, four remained and by April old age, the thief of time, had come to claim two.  That left Nelson, a PBGV mix, the last of the first three dogs I adopted and Bridgit, a Black and Tan Hound dog.  I knew that even though Nelson was in relatively good health for his age that he would probably not last out the year.  In April, I begin looking on Petfinder.com for a similar PBGV mix that led me to your Humane Society and Levi.  I was really taken by his picture so at the end of May with Nelson in tow and papers in hand was off to see if the real dog was as good as the picture.  When I arrived I was more than impressed with your facility, the people, and how the whole adoption process was handled.  When I met him Levi proved to be as good a his picture.  A happy and energetic dog.  Bringing him home was the most seamless transition one could ask for.  He easily accepted his position as number three in the order with no dominance, hostility or aggression moves.  It was almost like he had always been there.  He also proved to be a wonderful companion for Nelson in the last months of his life.  We still have some issues to work through, but any good relationship takes time.  I think that if he and Nelson had been the same age they would have been a real pair to see.  I have often thought of what kind of life he had before.  He must have been loved and his former owners trained him well since he came well crate trained, housebroken and is a dream to walk on a leash.  It is sad to think whoever had him will not have the joy spending a life with this wonderful dog and sharing all that a person and their dog can share.  I know that no dog will ever take the place of Nelson, but if all goes as I hope it will when Levi reaches that same point in life I believe he will be equally as loved and thought of.

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