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Mr. Universe

By Katie Beck

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When a grey domestic short hair cat named Mr. Universe arrived at the GBHS, he was crouched in a carrier inside of his condo cage. The carrier door was open, he just wasn’t coming out. I was told by the staff that it was believed Mr. U was a feral cat. If the information was correct, it was very doubtful that he would ever find a home. When volunteers were finally able to get Mr. U out of the carrier, he promptly parked himself behind his litter box. He didn’t growl or hiss at anyone, he just sat there.

For some adult cats, it is a slow process to get them to respond to human affection. It takes daily interaction and encouragement by volunteers and staff members. One morning, I started scratching Mr. U behind the ears, barely reaching him still parked behind the litter box. I moved to the main part of the cage and started scratching him through the hole and continued to talk to him. That’s when the most amazing thing happened. He came out! When I finished scratching him and tried to shut the cage door, Mr. U head-butted the door wanting more attention. I reported his progress to the staff and shortly thereafter, Mr. Universe was moved to a colony where he continued to thrive. Mr. U was adopted on July 1.  Through the dedication of the GBHS staff and volunteers, a home was found for this wonderful cat!

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