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Greater Birmingham Humane Society Pet Pantry--helping pets stay with their people!

Greater Birmingham Humane Society Pet Pantry–helping pets stay with their people!

Imagine losing your best friend because you’re having trouble making ends meet. Though heartbreaking, this scenario happens every day in our community.

Pet surrenders at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society have increased significantly. Frequently people want to keep their pets, but simply cannot afford to right now. The GBHS Pet Pantry helps keep pets and their families together through challenging times by offering temporary assistance with pet food for up to three months.

How: If you or someone you know needs assistance through Pet Pantry, you may call the Pet Pantry voicemail line. A Pet Pantry volunteer will call you back to help determine if you qualify for assistance.

When: For qualified members of Pet Pantry, distribution is held on the first Saturday of each month in the back of the Snow Drive facility from 10:00am-12:00pm.

Where: Greater Birmingham Humane Society, 300 Snow Drive, Birmingham, AL 35209

What: Pet owners must complete a proof of need application prior to disbursement of food. They must also submit a pay stub or W2 proof of income and/or public assistance to qualify. This program is intended to assist pet owners on a temporary basis. It is a requirement of the pet pantry that animals receiving benefits be altered to further reduce the pet population in the Greater Birmingham community.

How can you join the cause? We would greatly appreciate donations of unopened pet food that is not expired. Monetary contributions are also welcomed (click here to donate). Additionally, donations to the pet pantry will assist in spaying and neutering the pets receiving the benefits. All donations are tax-deductible.

Together, we can help pets stay with their families and decrease surrenders! For more information contact the GBHS Pet Pantry.


ASPCA logoThe GBHS Pet Pantry would like to acknowledge the generous support of the ASPCA® for awarding a grant through its “Cat Food Made Possible by Nine Lives” project. Thank you for helping us save more lives!




 The GBHS Pet Pantry would like to thank the Banfield Charitable Trust for their generous grant in support of this program. Thanks to their support, GBHS is able to provide dog food, cat food and cat litter to low-income families in Birmingham every month. Thank you for helping us save more lives!

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