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Sox, the sweetest cat I’ve ever seen

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soxI saw him on the GBHS website and fell in love with his big eyes and how cute and little he was

Me and my family adopted Sox, my gray and white cat, from the GBHS about four years ago. He is my baby and I love him so much. It has been such a blessing to own Sox, he has become a member of our family, and we love him so much. He can warm your heart after a bad day by coming up and loving on you and meowing until you pick him up and hold him. He fits right in and loves everyone he meets, he is definitely a people cat. He loves everyone. He was just a kitten when we got him, about eight weeks old, and he had the LOUDEST meow, and he had so much personality. I saw him on the GBHS website and fell in love with his big eyes and how cute and little he was, and so we made the drive to come see him. We almost weren’t able to get him because he was sick the first two times we came to the GBHS to see him, but we made the forty minute drive a third time, and we were finally able to meet little Sox, and we fell instantly in love and knew that we couldn’t come home without him. Now, he is just a BIG baby, who still has a LOT of personality, and still has a HUGE meow, who loves to lay in your lap and sleep on you and sleep with you at night, and who will headbutt you and nuzzle you until you give him the loving he wants, and he absolutely thrives off of attention. When I go off for the night, my mom says that he lays in my bedroom floor or in my doorway, and just meows as loud as he can until I come home. But he can’t stay mad at me for long for leaving him, and always comes rubbing up on me and meowing at me when I get home. His love is unconditional and I don’t know why anyone would have wanted to put him up for adoption when he was a kitten, but I’m so glad they did. I’m so glad HE chose ME and my family. We love our cat and from now on when I want to adopt, I’m adopting from GBHS.

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