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Spats the Jester of the Household

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In February 2009, we decided to adopt another cat from the humane society to be a playmate for our previous humane society alumni Tatiana. We originally came to look at another cat, but in the cage that was across from the cat there was a big black and white boy known as Catya. At the time he was sticking his paws out of his cage trying to get our attention. We couldn’t resist this demanding boy and went over to his cage to meet him. The minute the door of the cage opened he practically rolled out of it into the volunteers arms, playfully batting at her as she caught him. 

We immediately were captivated by this mischevious rascal and decided to have some one on one time with him. During that time he managed to attempt to e-mail his fellow cat buddies, attack an imaginary mouse, and demand attention. We just could not resist such a playful, mischevious personality. We felt he would be a nice playmate for Tatiana to keep her busy when we weren’t home.

When we brought him home he was very sweet to Tati who was her usual diva self and didn’t want anything to do with him, but it didn’t seem to phase him. We decided to change his name from Catya to Spats because we felt it suited him better. Spats has been nothing but entertaining and loving since the day we got him. He is very mischevious and takes great fun in turning off our living room lamps as well as trying to run off with my daughter’s stuffed animals. He is also a huge cuddle bug that loves to be held and petted. He has definintly brought excitement to each day as we wonder what new trick he has learned while we were at work. 
Although Tati and he are not the best of friends, they still are very tolerable of each other and enjoy sharing the attention that goes around every day.

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