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Success Story: Trixie

By Brooke McCarley

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 Say hello to a young lady that’s felt what it’s like to be abandoned and neglected. Neglected animals can come in all sizes, shapes and breeds like this Shih Tzu and Poodle mix named Trixie.



She was surrendered as a stray, and from the condition of her matted hair, she must have been abandoned for  years. This pitiful girl  could barely move underneath all of her matted hair, and she was trembling with fear. However, we started clipping the matted dreads and made her more comfortable within an hour.


We are so happy that she has found a forever home and  gets a second chance  to live a happy life. Everyday she learns to trust humans again. Now she loves being held and snuggled instead of trembling with fear. Oh, plus she also looks fabulous! 




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