In our quest to reduce animal cruelty we must totally rely on you and your love for animals. It’s sometimes difficult to know when to intervene, so we wanted to provide you with some guidelines for defining animal cruelty.

  • cruelty (n): callous indifference to or pleasure in causing pain and suffering; behavior that causes pain or suffering to a person or animal.

  • neglect (v): fail to care for properly. (n): the state or fact of being uncared for.

If you know of a situation where one or more of these descriptions apply please call the appropriate number listed below! If you see an animal being abused (see #4 and 10) or dog fighting in progress dial 911 IMMEDIATELY! Time is of the essence!

What are some signs of animal neglect and/or abuse?

  1. Thin

  2. Injured

  3. Unsanitary conditions

  4. Physical Abuse

  5. Abandoned

  6. Dog Fighting

  7. No Shelter

  8. No Food or Water

  9. Animal Hoarding (more than 10 animals at a residence)

  10. Animal left alone in vehicle

How do I report animal neglect and/or abuse?

You will be speaking with a Police Dispatch and they will give the calls to the appropriate officer. When you call the local authorities please be sure you have the following information:

  • Your name and phone number (Confidential unless called in for court)

  • Exact Location of the animal(s)

  • Nature of the Complaint

  • Description of the Animals involved

  • Any other pertinent information

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact the Greater Birmingham Humane Society at 205-591-6522.

Police Department Phone Numbers
Outside Jefferson County

Bibb County – 205-926-4683
Blount County – 205-625-4127
Cullman County – 256-734-0342
Shelby County – 205-669-4181
St. Clair County – 205-884-3333
Tuscaloosa County – 205-752-0616
Walker County – 205-302-6464

Alabaster – 205-664-6800
Argo – 205-467-3333
Branchville – 205-884-3333
Helena – 205-663-6499
Jasper – 205-221-6790
Moody – 205-640-3333
Odenville – 205-884-3333
Pelham – 205-620-6550
Pell City – 205-884-3334
Springville – 205-4672701
Tuscaloosa – 205-349-2121

Police Department Phone Numbers
Inside Jefferson County

Unincorporated Jefferson County – 205-325-1450
Adamsville – 205-674-5671
Bessemer – 205-425-2411
Birmingham – 205-328-9311
Center Point – 205-325-1450
Chalkville – 205-325-1450
Clay – 205-325-1450
Concord – 205-325-1450
Ensley – 205-328-9311
Fairfield – 205-328-9311
Forestdale – 205-328-9311
Fultondale – 205-849-5456
Gardendale – 205-631-8787
Graysville – 205-325-1450
Homewood – 205-332-6204
Hoover – 205-822-5300
Hueytown – 205-491-3523
Irondale – 205-956-5990
Leeds – 205-699-2585
McCalla – 205-325-1450
Midfield – 205-923-7575
Mountain Brook – 205-802-2414
Pinson – 205-325-1450
Pleasant Grove – 205-744-1735
Tarrant – 205-849-2811
Vestavia – 205-978-0124
Warrior – 205-647-0521

How can GBHS help?

Our primary goal is to educate the public on proper pet care, therefore lowering the number of pets surrendered to area shelters each year.

If you know of an animal in Jefferson County that is being neglected, you may call our Cruelty Prevention Hotline at 205-591-6522 or fill out the form to the right. Our Cruelty Prevention Officer will speak with the pet owner and provide education and resources when possible to correct the problem and enhance the life of the pet and the human/animal bond between the pet and the owner.

Pets without shelter, food or water; underweight pets; chained dogs; unsanitary conditions; animal hoarding; abandonment; and sick or injured pets are the most common complaints we respond to. Some of the ways we can help include:

  • Provide spay and neuter information

  • Supply gently-used dog houses that have been donated to us

  • Provide education on alternatives to chaining

  • Teach pet owners how to make their pets “inside” pets

  • Provide training tips to correct behavior that could cause the pet to be surrendered

  • Allow the owner to surrender the pet if it is in the best interest of the pet

Because we do not have law enforcement powers, we cannot remove or impound any animals and cannot bring charges against a person for violating the law. If a situation is life-threatening, life-taking or past the point that mere assistance can help, please use the above list of phone numbers to contact the law enforcement department for that area.

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