Exposure to winter’s dry, cold air and chilly rain, sleet or snow can cause big problems for your pet! Here a few tips to keep your pets safe in the cold:

1. Bring them inside! If it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your pet! If left outdoors, pets can freeze, become disoriented and suffer severe medical consequences like hypothermia. If you are unable to bring your pet inside, ensure your pet has a stable shelter that includes solid walls to block the wind and provide straw bedding.

2. Keep fresh food and water available! It is essential that your pet stay hydrated and well fed in the winter months, so your pet must always have access to unfrozen food and water.

3. Be cautious when you start your car! The warm engines of parked cars are a magnet for outdoor cats. They love sleeping under the hoods when it’s cold outside, but when the motor starts, the kitty can be injured — or even killed — by the fan belt. Bang your hood loudly before starting the car, so cats have a chance to move away!

4. Never leave your pet alone in the car! In the winter, the car can become a refrigerator, causing your pet to freeze to death.

5. Put the clippers away! Never shave your dog down to the skin in the winter — his coat will provide warmth. And if your dog needs a bath, be sure they are completely dry before taking him outside on a walk.


 Community Cat Care


Cats are resilient and able to live in all varieties of locations, weather conditions, and climates. However, there still things you can do to help make life outdoors even more comfortable for the community cats in your neighborhood. Follow these winter weather tips to keep outdoor kitties safe and warm.

1. Keep the food flowing! Community Cats need extra food during winter and fresh, unfrozen water twice daily.

2. Provide Shelter! Some Community Cats can easily find shelter, but you can also provide additional options. A simple foam cooler can be repurposed into easy and inexpensive winter shelters for the community cats in your neighborhood. Is it really as simple as it looks? It really is!

Check out how to build a foam cat cooler home here:



The foam cooler, with about two inches of thickness, is both waterproof and insulated, and a doorway can easily be created with a knife or box cutter.


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