The GBHS PAWsitive Education Program seeks to provide an interactive educational experience that teaches humane education and supports the GBHS mission with educational lesson plans, activities, and projects. If you are interested in The GBHS PAWsitive Education team visiting your school, library, or afterschool program please contact Kasey at

Lesson Plans
Check out our downloadable lesson plans for children PreK - Fifth Grade!

Check out these interactive fun activities all about pets!

  • Pet Safety Rules

    • Go over the Pet Safety Rules with your student so they know what to do, or what not to do, around pets. This handout can be paired with the Pet Safety Certificate.

  • Pet Safety Certificate

    • After your student gets to know the Pet Safety Rules and understands them – celebrate with a certificate!

  •  Pet Hazards in the Home

    • There are so many hazards in the home for kids and for pets – go over these hazards room by room with your student so they can help keep the family pet safe.

  • What Do I Need?

    • Help GBHS Canine Ambassador, Einstein, get the things he needs to be happy and healthy. He needs for your student to draw his needs in this worksheet.

  • ID Tags

    • This is a great way for your student to learn their phone number and home address – but also to understand what needs to go on a pet’s id tag so that if he is lost, he can be reunited with his family!

  •  What Would You Do?

    • What would you do if you lost your pet, how would you find them? What would you do if you found a pet that needed to be reunited with its family? Check out this handout to see the steps!

  • Shelter Sudoku

    • Take a break and play a game of Shelter Sudoku to work on puzzle skills!

  •  Animal Career Matchup

    • For students interested in careers where they can work with animals, talk about some of the most popular ones and match up the description of the job with the title.

  • Kindness Catcher

    • Print and cut out the Kindness Catcher, then your student can play with friends. It’ll give you an act of kindness to do every time you play.

  • Be Kind, Be Humane Bookmarks

    • Print these bookmarks double-sided; cut and color. On one side are three steps your student can do if they see someone getting bullied and on the other side, are the three steps your student can do if they see animal cruelty!

Adoption Center Tours
The staff and animals love when students come to visit the facility to say hello and learn about the shelter! Students and other civic groups from around the Birmingham Metro area are encouraged to visit the GBHS for guided tours that touch on the mission of the GBHS, “to promote humane treatment of people and animals through education, advocacy, and services.” Tours usually take 30-45 minutes, depending on the size and ages of the group. If you are interested in learning more about a tour at the GBHS, please fill out this form!

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