In 1979, a small group of women founded the Greater Birmingham Humane Society Auxiliary (GBHSA). The purpose of the organization was to assist the Greater Birmingham Humane Society by volunteering and raising funds to support their many programs and community efforts. That practice continues today, as the Auxiliary celebrates more than 30 years of service.

As membership has grown, so has the scope of the activities. Annual fundraisers held by the Auxiliary include their Jazz Cat Ball and Community Awards Luncheon. Auxiliary members also work as volunteers at the shelter and support other GBHS events, such as the Holiday Giving Tree. All of these events generate many thousands of dollars for the GBHS.

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society Auxiliary is always seeking new members who are interested in working hard, making friends and having fun! The only requirement to join the GBHSA is a passion for pets and the belief that every animal deserves a happy home where they are loved and cherished as part of the family.


In Loving Memory of Sharon Murphree Chapple Pierce

The GBHS and GBHS Auxiliary lost a beloved friend on Friday, September 24, 2010. Sharon Pierce was a long time friend and supporter of the GBHS and GBHS Auxiliary. A special fund was established in her memory so that her legacy of gentleness, compassion, and love may continue to help pets in need. You may make your donation online through the Sharon Pierce Memorial Fund donation form.


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