If you’re under 16, but still want to get involved, the Greater Birmingham Humane Society has many great opportunities for you to make a difference.


Become a Paper Pal

Help us keep tails wagging and kennels clean by signing up to be a Paper Pal for GBHS. Our Paper Pals help to keep our newspaper bins full by collecting donations from the community and by spending time in the center laying it out for our kittens and puppies to use. Anyone aged 6 and older can come in anytime the shelter is open to help as a Paper Pal, as long as they are accompanied with a parent or guardian, and check in with the front desk when they arrive. For more information on this program, email the Director of Volunteer Services at dmartin@gbhs.org

Coordinate a Coin Drive

Every penny counts! Collect coins from family and friends, or set up a collection at a local business – when the can is full bring it into GBHS and we’ll do the rest.

Attend Critter Camp

Critter Camp is a full week-long camp for kids between the ages of 5 and 10, held every summer. Keep checking our calendar for information on registration!

Junior Volunteers

Junior Volunteers is a summer program for youths aged 12-15 who wish to dedicate a little (or a lot) of their summer to learning about the animals in our care and how to care for them! Juniors will attend 4 training classes and then can volunteer at the shelter from Memorial Day to Labor Day. There will be training sessions in May, June, July, and August and each session is limited to 10 spots, so reserve your spot soon!

Humane Teen Club

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society Humane Teen Club is designed to let young people in our community ages 13-15 get a more hands-on approach to the GBHS Mission of promoting humane treatment through education, advocacy, and services. The Club meets once, monthly (typically on a Saturday), and each month focuses on a different animal welfare topic and related service project. Outside of these meetings, members are encouraged to take what they learn into their own schools – even starting their own local chapters of the Humane Teen Club – and help GBHS educate as many people as possible about the humane treatment of animals and people.

Examples of some of our meeting topics include:

  • How to “Speak” Dog

  • Feline Handling and Behavior

  • The Littlest Rescues (Kittens and Puppies)

  • Meet the Pocket Pets (Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, etc.)

Some of the projects that Humane Teen Club members can assist with at the shelter include:

  • Special Events ( Clear the Shelter, Do Dah Day, Giving Tree, etc.)

  • After-School Volunteer Hours

  • Holiday Decorating

  • Pet Pantry

One of the best things about becoming a Humane Teen Club members it that each member has the opportunity to “graduate”from the club and become a full-fledged Volunteer by completing a series of tasks and projects, even if they are not yet 15 years old.

Membership into this program is based on the application and a required letter of recommendation by a non-family member, and spots are limited. This year, we will be accepting members into the club between April 5th and  June 7th.  To begin the application process, please follow the link below:

All Humane Teen Club applications require a letter of recommendation to be mailed to or hand-delivered to the shelter at the address below:

GBHS Humane Teen Club:

300 Snow Drive

Birmingham, AL 35205

Letters must be received no later than 2 weeks after submitting your application and applications will be considered incomplete until letter is received. 
Please email our Volunteer Manager, Daniel Martin, with any questions at: dmartin@gbhs.org

Youth Community Service Hours

If you need community service hours for school, you do not have to join the Volunteer Program or Humane Teen Club to do so. Those programs are designed for long-term volunteers and volunteers-in-training. If you only need hours for community service click here: