If you’re under 16, but still want to get involved, the Greater Birmingham Humane Society has many great opportunities for you to make a difference.


Become a Paper Pal

Help us keep tails wagging and kennels clean by signing up to be a Paper Pal for GBHS. Our Paper Pals help to keep our newspaper bins full by collecting donations from the community and by spending time in the center laying it out for our kittens and puppies to use. Come in and get started any time.

Coordinate a Coin Drive

Every penny counts! Collect coins from family and friends, or set up a collection at a local business – when the can is full bring it into GBHS and we’ll do the rest.

Attend Critter Camp

Critter Camp is a full week-long camp for kids between the ages of 5 and 10, held every summer. Keep checking our calendar for information on registration.

Junior Volunteers

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society Junior Volunteer Program is designed with local youth in mind. The Junior Program is for teens between the ages of 12 and 15 years. We offer students a fun, interactive and social arena where their concern for others, humans and animals will be fostered. They will have the opportunity to learn more about responsible pet ownership, dog training and pet grooming.

The program starts with an in-depth training class taught by one of our Lead Volunteers. After becoming well versed on our specific shelter protocols and training cues, the Junior Volunteers will be matched with an experienced volunteer or a staff member for a shadowing mentor shift. If approved, Junior Volunteers will then be able to schedule themselves at will for volunteer shifts. Junior Volunteers will be able to help at our shelter as well as participate in off-site events.

A non-family letter of recommendation is required for every applicant. After applying, please email your letter to gbhsjuniorvolunteer@gmail.com. Applications will not be considered if a recommendation letter is not submitted.

The letter of recommendation along with your essay answers will help determine your acceptance into our Junior Volunteer program.